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Las Vegas, Nevada
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"What causes all the trouble is the things you know for sure that just ain't true."
Ozark Mountain Wisdom
The above bit of Ozark Mountain Wisdom "works" on a number of different levels.

First, many of the automatic control responses stored in our subconscious were formed whan we were just kids. Lacking sophisticated reasoning or sufficient experience, we did the best we could.

And supported by caring parents, most of us did pretty well - considering. And most of us ALSO find ourselves doing things we wish we did not, but can't seem really to get a handle on.

That's where hypnotherapy comes in - to coach you in helping the subconscious mind learn new, healthier behaviors.

Second, what you "think you know" about hypnotherapy may be quite distant from the actual facts of the matter.

It is sound, practical and best of all - relaxing and quite pleasant. Give us a call to chat a little and find a way to help.

(702) 802-8505 provides coaching-style
Hypnotherapy services for clients throughout the Las Vegas Valley area.

Hypnotherapy is a most effective and efficient means of
helping our clients improve behaviors so that body,
mind and spirit perform with better health and function.

Results are obtained in a cooperative effort between the client and hypnotherapist to achieve goals specified by the client, engaging strategies worked out in a cooperative discussion.
Clients find here an opportunity to create a happy,
healthy and soul-safe change through empowered use
of their built-in mind-body connection.

Having retired from an executive Second Tier Automotive career in the Great Lakes Region, Tracy W. Bradford, Certified Hypnotherapist, moved first to the San Francisco Bay area in response to family needs.
Mr. Bradford's University work focused on Philosophy (Formal Logic) and Psychology (Personality Theory and Transaction Analysis), He brings to his Hypnotherapy practice a wide range of life experience, and a strong commitment to Hypnotherapy as a scientific endeavor.

As you may well understand, the move from the predominantly Conservative-Christian Midwest to San Francisco was not without surprises. There Mr. Bradford found Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy nearly completely
saturated with the occult and other practices completely inappropriate for Christian clients.

Responding to this challenge, Mr. Bradford determined to convert his longstanding study in the field into a formal Certification at the venerable Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, in support of creating an environment in which Christians can access the powerful tools built into their being by The Creator in a soul-safe process.

After seven years in San Francisco, Mr. Bradford moved to Las Vegas, intending to retire. But in Las Vegas, one finds some (shall we say?) "interesting" gongs-on. Ever "up for a challenge", retirement would just have to wait. :-)

Of course there are the wild, but relatively harmless Hypnosis acts on "The Strip". These guys are highly skilled at what they do. But what they do is Hypnosis, not HypnoTHERAPY.

Curiously, for all its "Sin City" hype, Las Vegas - away from the strip - is populated by deeply family-oriented, reasonably conservative people. There is a very traditional base of Christians in this city - perhaps explained by the fact that "Nature Loves A Balance" - Faith vs. Strip. (?)